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Girl, Put Your Record On





Mark Hunter (born 1986, Los Angeles, California), best known by his pseudonym The Cobrasnake, is an American photographer based out of the Los Angeles area. He maintains a photoblog, The Cobrasnake (formerly known as Polaroid Scene), which predominantly chronicles Los Angeles hipster and underground party culture as well as documenting the high fashion world. The blog has risen to popularity as an internet phenomenon, and has since been featured in The Los Angeles Times , The New York Times, Nylon Magazine, the LA Weekly and a number of other arts, culture, and fashion publications.

He is also known for his role in creating internet celebrity Cory Kennedy's high profile.
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he was present to me by Parreira
ever since i met him i did never let him go away from my life




Since i got an iphone, i'm a much more happier person.
Look how superficial i am
i am
i am
yes, i am!
...and i lv it!


Cher Doll

lv it




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Roll top bath

New for 2007, Max the bath tub chaise. A contemporary twist on the sofa briefly featured in breakfast at Tiffany's. Created from a vintage cast iron bath and upholstered in fabric of your choice. Perfectly formed for single seater slouching or sofa for two.


I'm gonna pray 4 you Marco!


Lets the hearts laugh and the eyes shine.
Wherever you just stay!

Pray the Lord & please let God that you keep working at Vodafone CS! :)

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Britney Backstage

She's your bitch

She's not your bitch





Big Medusa



from Brian Walker

Medusa é uma das três Górgonas, divindades da mitologia grega, filhas das divindades marinhas Fórcis e Ceto e irmãs das velhas Gréias. Ao contrário de suas irmãs Górgonas, Esteno e Euríale, Medusa era mortal.
Medusa era portadora de extrema beleza juntamente com suas duas irmãs. Quando estava sentada num campo cercada de flores de Primavera, o deus do Oceano, Poseídon, une-se a ela e gera os seus dois únicos filhos, mas estes só nascem no momento da morte de Medusa. A vida das três irmãs, vidas debochadas e dissolutas, aborrecia os demais deuses, principalmente à deusa Afrodite. Para castigá-las, Afrodite as transformou em monstros com serpentes em vez dos seus belos cabelos, presas pontiagudas, mãos de bronze, asas de ouro, e seu olhar petrificava quem olhasse diretamente em seus olhos. Temidas pelos homens e pelos deuses, as três habitavam o extremo Ocidente, junto ao país das Hespérides e vizinhas de Nix (a deusa da Noite).

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World Water Day

In 1992, the UN General Assembly designated March 22 as "World Water Day" to draw international attention to the critical lack of clean, safe drinking water worldwide.

In 2007, 69 cities across the United States passed resolutions acknowledging March 22 as World Water Day.

Despite the apparent abundance of clean water in the US and most of the developed world, more than 1 billion people around the world lack clean, safe drinking water and more than 2.6 billion lack adequate sanitation services.


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Marcel Wanders

HP de Tijd
Selected among Holland’s 100 most influential people

Selected among the World’s 50 design icons

Elected “Designer of the Year 2005/2006”
Elle Decoration International Design Awards

The Observer (UK)
“Marcel Wanders' studio is one of the most inspiring powerhouses of multi-disciplinary design active today”

Washington Post
“Marcel Wanders, the design world’s favorite star”

Business Week (US)
Selected among Europe’s 25 leaders of change “The Stars of Europe”

Marcel Wanders has designed a range of home entertainment products for Holland Electro, a Dutch brand made famous by its vacuum cleaners. For HE Wanders has designed various home entertainment components from speakers for an MP3 player to a microwave that has an integrated TFT screen and dvd player.

Did you know that Marcel Wanders’ golden Nose was originally designed for the Sense of WonderThe Nose is spotted on Wanders’ own nose, as navigation symbol on his website, as pattern on upholstery in the boutique collection of Moooi, and as cover material on boxes for Habitat by Wanders.


Chicken's morning cup of coffee...



...e n é q és mesmo?

La Femme et la Maison


Tired of cutesy dolls and cradles? Looking for unusual edgy nursery items? Or chairs, footstools and tables?
Well, then I've got the a designer you should meet.
Slovenian Nika Zupanc has an unusual take on items of domesticity. Her polycarbonate and acrylic cradles, chairs, footstool and dolls are edgy, even goth...but still functional.

Most of the items shown are limited editions and the price is available upon request.

Doll with sacred heart, translucent polycarbonate

The black cradles. Punk elegance

The Maid Acrylic Chair

The black polycarbonate feather duster



Little Joseph


Design candle holder Little Joseph
For illuminating thoughts

Love it or hate it!

...and that hair grows to him if the wax drips.


me? Lv it

Paper Constructs



Please let her know if you'd like to be on my mailing list for upcoming shows

Vitra Uten.Silo Wall Storage


The idea was derived from a multi-pocketed fabric storage system which hung in her father's shop when she was a child. She was inspired to create something in plastic, which would be easier to mass produce and be both practical and versatile and Uten.Silo was born.

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by the way...

Bitch, Bitch, Bitch while you Stitch, Stitch, Stitch.

Kitty Wigs


photos by Jill Johnson


Kitty Wigs® is a product of the feverish imagination of Julie Jackson & her siamese partner in crime, Boone. Sometimes the pressure of Julie's day job (Subversive Cross Stitch), combined with Boone's constant state of leisure results in loud music, wigs and dancing. This has brought such great stress relief (particularly during the holidays), that we decided to share our passion for wigs with the world.

Then we met our match in Jill Johnson, official Kitty Wigs photographer, who is just crazy and stealth enough to catch cats in the act of daydreaming about their bewigged lives. Jill is an insane talent who just embarked on what promises to be a stellar freelance career after years of working for the man (the newspaper man, that is.)


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Who is mega?

There are two people that are mega...

Matthew Brindle

The old messy fool that started this a fair old while ago

Thom Will

Recent rather kick ass addition. Woot.

We make all this shizz happen. It's hard work, but hey we like a good dance.



photos live

Jeffree Star @ Monto Water Rats

March 2009 ♥


Gutterslut @ Images

February 2009 ♥

Slave to Fashion @ BBB Shoreditch

January 2009 ♥

Calling All Tribes @ Ghetto

September 2008 ♥

Trannyshack Vogue Ball @ Soho Revue Bar

April 2008 ♥

Black Balloon @ Punk

December 2007 ♥


being difficult is part of the Charm


Nooka watches are a favorite among design aficionados from Tokyo to TriBeCa.
The fact that it can take you an extra moment to figure out the actual time is part of the draw.
This model, the Aluminum Zot, uses dots and lines to represent the hours and minutes.
$250, at nooka.com