photography. MIKE CHATWIN

styling & designs. CARLIE WONG
models. GRACE, NEELIA & JAN @ Liz Bell Agency
makeup & manicure. MARLAYNA PINCOTT
hair. AMBER GEORGE of Verve Hair Salon
styling assistant. JACQUI RINAS
styling assistant.STEPHANIE BARNSCHER
makeup assistant. ZANNA SELIN


i wish i had that hair
oh... i already have that hair

i wish i had that boy
but... i aleady have one

but why don't we use that hair!???

Behind The Scenes: Nick Knight Shoots Lady Gaga for Vanity Fair



The winner takes it all
The loser standing small
Beside the victory
That's her destiny


If i were a girl...

J.W. Anderson has produced his first women's collection. In an interview with Dazed Digital, the designer talks about how his men's line has always been influenced by femininity, so in this collection he sees women's wear with a masculine influence in mind, how men's clothes would fit a women. He translated his statement tartan wool jacket quite nicely into a snug girl's version. Luxe, relaxed and given a dash of gothic romanticism in a 90s, but very now sort of way.



Oh lord won't you buy me a one of this?
My friends all wear bad t-shirts, I must make amends.

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Fashion and Sex

No-holds-barred film by acclaimed commercial and music video director Vernie Yeung of RSA Films.

Kat von D Inked at Magazine

Mexican tattoo artist Kat von D inked herself for the Inked Magazine. In February 2010 issue of the magazine Kat von D is the featured star. She has a hot Hollywood tattoo shot, a hit tele-vision show, a best-selling book and a rock star boyfriend. Now the most famous tattoo artist on the planet is trying to find herself in all of the madness.

You can download full Inked Kat von D' issue from here


here we go

oh Mad