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Most of these images were made using 3D applications but there are a few that were entirely painted in Adobe Photoshop. I thought you’ll want to to check them along with the 3D ones. Furthermore, most of these artists has even more great images but I decided to include only the best ones due to the lenght and the size of this post.

Classic Celebrity Mugshots Make Great Art

We’ve all seen the recent mugshots of Hollywood starlets and aging leading men, but famous people have always broken the law. There are some classic mugs we’ve all seen, but there are also some forgotten gems. Some of these people went on to become upstanding citizens, even giving us the tools to maintain toned thighs into middle age! These black and white mugshots would look fantastic against an accent wall or in a hallway, and they would certainly be a conversation starter.

How To Frame
The first inclination is to frame with simple black contemporary wood or metal. But, depending on your tolerance level for kitsch, you could frame each mugshot with a different color, or for a bit of irony you can put them all in ornate baroque frames.

How To Display
You can line them up in a hallway or against an accent wall. While their uniform shape might lend itself to a symmetrical grouping, think about placing them haphazardly above your bed or in a library. Another idea is to scatter them through-out your home to give your place a little criminal edge.

Left to Right (1st Row)
Al Pacino, Joseph Stalin, Sue Ellen, George Carlin

Left to Right (2nd Row)
Bill Gates, Mick Jagger, Jane Fonda, James Brown

Left to Right (3rd Row)
Frank Sinatra, Jimi Hendrix, Johnny Cash, Lee Harvey Oswald

Left to Right (4th Row)
David Bowie, Suzanne Somers, Steve McQueen, Prince

Images: 1: Al Pacino Girls Talkin Smack; 2: Joseph Stalin Wikipedia; 3: Sue Ellen (From Dallas) Ender By Nest; 4: George Carlin (Arrested for "The Seven Words You Can't Say on TV") CBS - New York; 5: Bill Gates Home Page Daily; 6: Mick Jagger Best Mugshot Ever; 7: Jane Fonda Jane Fonda.com; 8: James Brown Blue Sun 2600; 9: Frank Sinatra Oh No They Didn't ; 10: Jimi Hendrix Best Mugshot Ever; 11: Johnny Cash Vin Mag; 12: Lee Harvey Oswald Awesome Stories; 13: David Bowie The Smoking Gun; 14: Suzanne Somers Oh No They Didn't; 15: Steve McQueen Mugshotss; 16: Prince Raw Justice.


i'd rather go naked!

maybe she's from Peta!?
that whore



still in Dexter way

but with Barbie-mix!

Mariel Clayton is a “self-taught” photographer and artist who has a flare for irony and story telling. She takes the smiling, perfect vision of Barbie (&Ken) and adds some psycho into the equation, creating these scenarios much like scenes out of Dexter, and then some. As illusive a serial killer as Dexter is, Clayton shows that Barbie (and in turn, all that Barbie stands for) can be a serial killer behind a plastic mask, too.

by the way...

If I was planning a horror-themed wedding, but I also wanted to have traditional elements, I'd steal this idea.

This room was designed by Amy Lau, an interior designer, using TV show Dexter as the inspiration.

A vinyl-wrapped table and ceiling and plastic-sheathed floor recall the protective plastic the character obsessively uses to protect against splatters when killing.

Mealtime is anything but dull when Dexter sets his table with Thomas Fuchs Wine & Water goblets that have a vein-like streak running down the stem. Red wine refills are available in blood vials.

The wine-filled vials as the centerpiece is beautiful and smart - there's no better way to encourage your guests to enjoy themselves than to surround them with booze. Plus, you don't have to buy flowers or any other trinkets to decorate the table.


Don't be a drag. Just be a queen.

Confession time: I am recovering reality TV show addict on RuPaul's Drag Race!

This episode focused on a wedding challenge. Each contestant had to create a wedding scene by first dressing as a man, and then pairing him with a drag queen alter-ego.







Don't fuck it up!
& don't forget it it's all about Creativity, Uniqueness, Nerve, and Talent




Things that make me go C

This just might be the best combination of dorky and stylish. Yes, that is Gotham City adorning the top of that ring and yes, there are others in this DC Comics Collection by Noir Jewelry. Some other designs include jewelry inspired by Catwoman’s claws and a few slammin’ Wonder Woman cuffs for those days when you are feeling extra badass.

guess what

love that blue!


Stuck in my head all day.

And I’m okay with that.

Florence & the Machine - Heavy in Your Arms