G 4 Girls

Gender: female
Race: Human
Sexuality: straight
Age: Nineteen
Job: A club called "Sin's Capital" (Night and day club)
Leith is a very wild and wicked
girl, she has been training to hunt vampires since she knew what they were and she has been practicing shooting since she could hold the gun steady in her hands. Her mother was murdered by a vampire when she was only ten, the memory of the event still haunts her nightmares to this day. Leith is very stubborn and sometimes is a little quick to pass judgement on people. Her father has trained her very hard to be a vampire slayer and with much luck, she has killed serval vampires rather brutely. Leith thinks that all vampires are merely blood suckers that are no better then the dirt you walk on that gets suck to your shoes. Therefore, she has not the slightest problem with killing them right where they stand.
Abilities: Dark telekinessis
Theme Song: Cindrella
Mother and Father: Jason and Alexis
Weapon of choice: silver hand guns

Gender: Female
Race: Angel
Sexuality: straight
Age: Nineteen
Job: Works in a physhic shop
Langston is an intresting little angel; shes fully aware of humans and vampires but she rather run from them then fight them. Langston enjoys all things dark and gloomy which is rather strange for a angel; it also is what lead her to work for a physhic in a physhic shop. Langston is a pleasent person if you befriend her and gain her trust and she tends to have a cork where she gets hurt ((usally herself)) cause she can be a total ditz and claust. She loves pasta and soup, they are her favorite food and she loves going into gothic clothing stores. Langston, once you get to know her; shes pretty readable. Langston's mother and father only shake their heads at her actions and immature behavior and further more, they really don't like to disscuse about her to anyone outside the family.
Theme song: Bring me to Life
Mother and Father: Madison and Eric
Weapon of choice: blades ((Mostly a katana))

Dave Gahan's not wrong

There's something wrong with me chemically

Something wrong with me inherently
The wrong mix in the wrong genes
I reached the wrong ends by the wrong means
It was the wrong plan
In the wrong hands
With the wrong theory for the wrong man
The wrong lies, on the wrong vibes
The wrong questions with the wrong replies


You're Such a Whore

i was masturbating and i wasn't thinking of you

said him on the phone

W Magazine Law & Order Editorial by Steven Meisel

After Blame it on Rio’s Editorial starring Madonna and new boyfriend Jesus Luz, W Magazine decided to throw a controversial issue on the market this March 2009, causing some serious controversies. One other chocking editorial was the Law & Order series with Daisy Lowe, Peaches Geldof, Eliza Cummings, Portia Freeman, Eden Clark, shot by photographer Mr Steven Meisel

Read the interview
of Daisy HERE

Straight *to* Number One

Good for Baptiste Gianiconi! The French model and reported Lagerfeld "muse" (is that what they call it these days?) is now the #1 ranked male model on the planet, according to Models.com.


She's not me

Madonna/LV campaign

"Leaked" Madonna by Steven Meisel for LV. It's a gorgeous image.
VGL would love to see the original.
Saving this one to the (growing) No Pore People folder.


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ABSOLUT VODKA is widely recognized as one of the first consumer brands to embrace the lesbian and gay rights movements, with supportive relations to the LGBT community dating back to the early eighties. Now, as the rainbow flag, the overarching symbol of the LGBT movement, turns 30, ABSOLUT joins the celebrations with a dedicated initiative, ABSOLUT COLORS.

“ABSOLUT COLORS builds on our history as a brand that has always encouraged people to be who they are”, says Nina Gillsvik, International Brand Director ABSOLUT at V&S Absolut Spirits. “Almost thirty years ago, when our company decided to do our bit in supporting the rights of the individual, we were considered bold. Today we can look back on those days and that decision with pride. For us, ABSOLUT COLORS is a natural way to continue to inspire people to let their true colors shine and be proud of who they are.”

The limited edition package inspired by the rainbow flag where the text on the bottle carries a message on embracing diversity. Apart from the special edition bottle, the ABSOLUT COLORS initiative will also include a limited edition cocktail book – the ABSOLUT COLORS Cocktail Collection. The book is a stylish guide to colorful drinks, based on the six colors of the rainbow flag.

“There are few brands that can honestly say that they have helped to make a difference”, says Gilbert Baker, creator of the rainbow flag. “In my mind, and with my perspective, ABSOLUT can definitely take pride in being one of few that supported lesbian and gay rights in times when support was needed. I am glad to see that the support continues and it is my sincere hope that ABSOLUT COLORS will help encourage people to let their true personality shine through.”


Bang Bang

New York based
Horacio Salinas is a conceptual still life photographer. He works with with Vogue, The New York Times, GQ amongst other to create fashion editorial or even illustrate articles. Horacio’s work is really original and full of research… See his great portfolio here and be sure to check his personal projects as well.



Lady Gaga gives an explosive performance at the MuchMusic Video Awards in Toronto, Canada on Sunday (June 21).

The 23-year-old singer performed her hits “‘Love Game’” and ‘Poker Face.” Her bustier was rigged with pyrotechnics, which went off as she performed with dancers dressed as police officers. Watch the vid below!!!

Lady Gaga took home the award for best International Video, “Poker Face.” Nickelback swept the awards, as their hit “Gotta Be Somebody” won for best video, best rock video and best post-production.

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pois dança

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Jesus in Ray of light to L'Officiel Hommes
by Milan Vukmirovic


Advanced Style


Fanny Karst

[Photo by MISTER MORT]
I just read about 24 year old designer Fanny Karst on Style Bubble and had to include some photos from her collections focused on women aged 50+. This wonderful line The Old Ladies' Rebellion,has been receiving some great attention lately. Click HERE for more about Fanny and her clothing line.


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