halloween inspiration from vogue paris

High fashion Halloweeeeen! Yowwww.

What's everyone dressing up as this year?

les miserables

Ditam as regras da estupidez:

1. not mine, not mine, not mine

2. pois diz q disse mas eu n disse pq ela é q disse q eu tinha dito mas eu n disse pq ele é que foi e n fui eu pq eu n sei ir para além de q eu n sou eu

3. ranho, lenços, cigarros e mais ranho depois das lágrimas...

diz que este foi o único post em Português, mas também diz que se tens cérebro pq é q n o usas?

Rahhhhhhhhhh q n aguento miseráveis!!!

the 4!

oh my God i never had something like this in my hand!

that's what a costumer told when i put him an iphone 4 in the hands :)


pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-poker face!

once we brag
now we play




Abigail Ahern’s bathroom

Today I’m loving … Abigail Ahern’s bathroom with the huge Neo Baroque Chandelier.


Off with his head

i'm sorry
did you speak to me?
it's just... that... you're so small that i just can't hear you!



Bedazzled at balmain ss 2011

Intense studding and multiple safety pins that amount to embroidery hit Christophe Decarnin's Balmain Spring 2011 RTW runway in a serious way.

"It's a look I've always liked," the designer said backstage. "I keep pictures of it all over my office."

Helllooo DIY-central. Buy safety pins while you can...

More of the collection here.

Photos: VOGUE