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Guido Mocafico is a photografer born in Switzerland and of Italian descent. Guido now lives and works from Paris and has worked in several advertisment campaigns from names such as Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent, Clinique, Shiseido or Hermès. The pictures featured here are from the Serpens series. Check more about his work here.

lv them 'cause they remind me of my co-workers

the Prophecy ends here.


The Prophecy is a modern-day fresco. A digital photographic piece of art, consisting out of three separate parts that all together form a larger then life visual, reminding of a Sixteenth Chapel painting. Over 7 months of work, 35 different models – both amateurs and professionals and starring the famous Nick Beyeler – and many, many shots to create the incredible dynamic poses, create The Prophecy. The work is full of symbolism and, because of the length of the project, carries a lot of influences of happenings and events that colored the lives of the creators over the past half year. The work is of such fabulous quality that it can be printed on large format without loosing any detail, guaranteeing a work full of sensation and emotion that will make your heart beat faster.

there's too much beauty in this



a bff told me i should put him on a frame at my living room wall
i did explain him i couldn't do it 'cause of my Family!

someone would kill me
someone would take me to her doctor
someone would laugh loudly
& someone would steal the pic!

Dreamssss, dreams, dreams, dreams...

= thought of you =

"Thought of You" is a short animated film by Ryan Woodward. Perfect.
Check more about the video and the artist here.



i think he's too good for being there...

& they don't deserve him



Want it!
for X's-Mas!?
This is killing me!



Drink From Me and Live Forever

sometimes i close my eyes & pretend i'm 15 again...
...than i open it & can see all so different