he asked me if i like this video?

hell... yeahhhhh!
but just don't tell anyone :)


We DIE for Rachel Zoe!!!

Rachel Zoe
looks stunning in the September 2010 issue of Harper’s Bazaar in a shoot that immortalizes the stylist and influential fashion figure’s famous catch-phrase “I DIE”.

The editorial finds Zoe in different circumstances at dying at the hands of highly notable fashion designer Michael Kors, Marc Jacobs, Vera Wang and Brian Atwood.

During the shoot here’s what some of the designers had to say about the slave to fashion that is Rachel Zoe:

Marc Jacobs: “Rachel’s energy is electrifying…and often shocking!”

Michael Kors: “The perfect accessory can make the difference between looking blah and totally to die for.”

Vera Wang: “I only want to kill Rachel when I don’t land one of her fabulous clients for the Oscars!”

aiiiiiiiiiiiiiii 2?

today I dedicate with regard all my day to be here badly arranged...
cause I have not them.

from Nuevo


Wanting, needing, waiting

I wanna kiss you in Paris
I wanna hold your hand in Rome
I wanna run naked in a rainstorm
Make love in a train cross-country

You put this in me

So now what, so now what?


this song just can't stay out of my mind


...they probably don't know they're up there.


Oh my Sh#$T!!!

i bought a new gel-cream for eyes
i bought the cheapest of the store
(& it wasn't really, really a store... it were something more like a market)

...now my eyes are burning.


♥ this video


Oh my secret...

i only stopped crying at 01:40 am

it doesn't bother me very much taht i just can't stop doing it...

What bother me more is always the next day.
My eyes are k-kinda strange and MAC doesn't settle good enought.

I don't know just how to fake it!

...& I do not even get tired with that

via 9000


my co-worker: i'm tired of people

me: i hate them
another co-worker: i'm tired of words
me: i hate them
another co-worker: people make me sick
me: i hate them



It doesn't matter being the snake... darling. It is so much F better to dominate it.

& u can always bite yourself :)