OMG! She's bananas u know...

I just lv her... mas could she just stop being so dramatic!?

How many times can she actually die?
She died over a vintage Cartier necklace.

She died over a vintage Dior dress.

oh... and i just die too everytime she she does :)


Electric flesh-arrows…
traversing the body.
A rainbow of color strikes the eyelids.
A foam of music falls over the ears…

Anais Nin


i just saw it on the wall
i guess someone wrote it for me

i'm just kind'of ignore it


Lv it

i just want to buy this...
if i just know how to shop online...

shame on me!


i've been there

i've done it

now everything shall pass

Now I lay me down to sleep,
I pray for God my soul to keep;
Or if I die before I wake,
I pray for God my soul to take.