G 4 Girls

Gender: female
Race: Human
Sexuality: straight
Age: Nineteen
Job: A club called "Sin's Capital" (Night and day club)
Leith is a very wild and wicked
girl, she has been training to hunt vampires since she knew what they were and she has been practicing shooting since she could hold the gun steady in her hands. Her mother was murdered by a vampire when she was only ten, the memory of the event still haunts her nightmares to this day. Leith is very stubborn and sometimes is a little quick to pass judgement on people. Her father has trained her very hard to be a vampire slayer and with much luck, she has killed serval vampires rather brutely. Leith thinks that all vampires are merely blood suckers that are no better then the dirt you walk on that gets suck to your shoes. Therefore, she has not the slightest problem with killing them right where they stand.
Abilities: Dark telekinessis
Theme Song: Cindrella
Mother and Father: Jason and Alexis
Weapon of choice: silver hand guns

Gender: Female
Race: Angel
Sexuality: straight
Age: Nineteen
Job: Works in a physhic shop
Langston is an intresting little angel; shes fully aware of humans and vampires but she rather run from them then fight them. Langston enjoys all things dark and gloomy which is rather strange for a angel; it also is what lead her to work for a physhic in a physhic shop. Langston is a pleasent person if you befriend her and gain her trust and she tends to have a cork where she gets hurt ((usally herself)) cause she can be a total ditz and claust. She loves pasta and soup, they are her favorite food and she loves going into gothic clothing stores. Langston, once you get to know her; shes pretty readable. Langston's mother and father only shake their heads at her actions and immature behavior and further more, they really don't like to disscuse about her to anyone outside the family.
Theme song: Bring me to Life
Mother and Father: Madison and Eric
Weapon of choice: blades ((Mostly a katana))

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