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You don’t need any qualifications, just a love of animals and nature. You can help in many, many ways, for example, by making a hammock for a monkey in captivity or sitting in a hide in the bush observing the behaviours of the elusive leopard. Your work might involve washing an orphaned elephant under palm trees or walking the African plains with baby lion cubs to help prepare them for eventual release.

With around 25 very different conservation projects around the world, and over 11 years of experience, Travellers can help you to make a direct and immediate difference. Our projects are situated around Africa, Asia and South America, and the variety of projects is vast. You may want to work hands-on in rehabilitation work such as with Orang-Utans in Borneo’s rainforests, or you may want to learn the survival skills of the bush and get involved in important conservation research. You might instead want to don some flippers and head under the sea to explore precious marine life species.

The choice is the hardest bit! You can work with monkeys, elephants, horses, apes, crocodiles, frogs, plants, dolphins, the great white shark, leopards, rhino, tortoise, coral, reptiles, birds, fish and, well, pretty much any species you’re interested in - exciting stuff!!

The type of work varies depending on the project and country you choose. We have projects which include aspects of the following: interaction & play, field research, safaris, washing, feeding, preparing food, observation, night watches, creative psychological stimulation for the animals, cleaning duties, enrichment projects, releases into the wild, diving, trekking, darting, learning, educating, photographing, building, painting and much more depending on the requirements of the project.

Whatever you find yourself doing, it will be worthwhile and satisfying. The consequence of your contribution, the bond you develop with nature and the memories that you’ll take home with you, are immeasurable and they last a lifetime. Make a difference - get involved!

that's why i do love to work with a MONKEY!!!

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