His mind?

Tarantino's Mind
!!!? It's trippy, and there's tons of little nuggets of info in it, but basically the entire film follows two guys having a Tarantino-inspired conversation in a diner. It runs just over 10 minutes & it's damn good.

One of the guys -- a Tarantino fanatic -- has just finished a thesis on the director, and he goes through each of his films pointing out similarities from other films. It's his belief that Tarantino created only one screenplay that "the geek divided into several parts." My favorite moment comes when he presents his theory on the briefcase from Pulp Fiction. Makes a lot of sense, and I can't believe I hadn't thought of that before. Anyway, take a break from whatever you're doing, clock out for ten minutes and check out this short. Enjoy!

eu? Eu sei isto tudo. Tudo. Tudo. Tudo. E até sei mais...

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